Kick Like A Mule probably devons 'rockiest' folk band

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As you know the story of kick like a mule is infamous with the ill fated pedalo trip made by Pete and Jamie finding Sam on a desert island only able to communicate via syncopated rhythm, there rise to fame was legendary. Unfortunately the pressure caused Sam to develop extreme turrets, doctors say the only cure is a rare honey found only in hobbits ears. Sam decided he had to find the cure so he waxed up and old cylinder and paddled off. Pete and Jamie were inconsolable, Pete went to find himself in a cave on the moors and Jamie decided to enter a 24 hour country and western marathon. 
Petes voyage of discovery didn't last long as 17 minutes after arriving at his cave he saw a shadowy figure walking alone on the moor carrying a shovel and singing the frog chorus although a very poor choice of song his vocals bewitched Pete and luckily the bear Pete hadn't seen at the back of the cave, and from that moment kick like a mule had the front man they always knew they needed. Meanwhile at the 24 hour country and western marathon Jamie heard a muffled whimpering coming from behind a bale of hay, there he found a confused man who had accidentally smoked a whole pack of out of date wagon wheels in his new pipe and woke up playing guitar in a country and western band but when Jamie saw him tapping his pipe in syncopation with the convulsions he was still experiencing he knew the band can go on. 
See You There :)